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"Another mentoring one to one is too expensive for me and my team, and we always need to "hire" different mentors depending on their availability. Schedule new appointments and pay-per-mentoring it's not the correct model for us. We decided to migrate to HelpCode and it's amazing! we pay a monthly subscription and get unlimited help, amazing!."

German Escobar

"Pay a monthly subscription is the best way for me because I'm always be needing help with my code-problems. Stackoverflow is amazing to solve little problems without too much explanation, but I constantly need more targeted help and sometimes I don't have where going on to solve my code-problems. HelpCode is amazing solving that."

Juan David

"Google is the Best Friend of developers, but they don't have always all (and correct) answers. Too many times I need to talk with an expert to solve my code-problems but most of the times they are too expensive. I don't care if I can't see the mentor, because if I get help via chat, simply doesn't matter. I need only chat and solve."

Daniel Morales

The fairest pricing plans ever.

Remember, we don't measure the time of mentoring. Our help is unlimited! You subscribe and get immediate chat-help



$99 /month

Unlimited and Real-time Chat-Help.
Unlimited Requests Per-month.
Access to Top Ruby Senior Developers.
Private Chat with Mentors.
30-days Money-back Guarantee.
Cancel anytime you want.


Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers. If you have some other questions, contact us using email.

What would happen if I'll unhappy with your responses, mentoring or service?

Always you can request money-back guarantee if you are under the first month or you can cancel your subscription at any time above that. Everything without hassle or questions. We are here to help you and always we are willing to resolve your code-problems. However, if you are unhappy you can cancel it under your account settings easily.

¿These services are available 24/7?

We are located in San Francisco CA (US), and our services are available from 9 am to 6 pm (USA Pacific Time) Monday to Friday. If you have any request to send us (outside of our service hours), you can send it on our platform and before or after that hour service our experts will receive it and they can help you once we are on service.

Which is the level of your mentors?

We have only Senior Developers with more than 6 years of validated experience and work full-time for us. You don't need to choose anyone, all our developers are experienced developers. You don't need to search and "hire" a new mentor each time that you need help. Just make click on their avatar and start your private chat with the developer.

Do you measure the time of each request/mentoring?

No. Our help is unlimited and you can ask everything that you need to solve your code-problems. Our response-time is immediately and asynchronous via chat.

What are the programming languages that do you support?

Now Ruby language and Ruby on Rails framework are the only that we support. Soon we expect to support more programming languages and frameworks. This is only the beginning.

Can I become a mentor?

Now we have a lot of Ruby and RoR great mentors that can support us, but if you are a Senior Developer with more than 6 years and validated experience on Machine Learning, Blockchain, Python or Javascript (and their respective frameworks) and you want to work full-time remote with a San Francisco Startup you can send us an email with your CV and Portfolio via email.